Digital Signage

RMG Signage offers Chambers, NPO’s, Charities, Park Districts, & Nonprofits:

  • Digital Signage Network Locations
  • Custom Campaign Management
  • Dynamic Messenger

RMG Signage works with all local and relevant sectors in the community thereby making a difference and as well promoting well-being. Our mission, adding value for all, is to facilitate and to bring awareness to everyday people, community interest groups, and as well to the networking of businesses. We operate with the precept that branding, messaging and social/environmental responsibility are all integral parts of a dynamic and powerful advertising agenda.

Our network is a perfect addition to non-profits and neighborhood associations:

  • Highlights and promotes community events
  • Informs about health and safety issues
  • Informs visitors of local activities and events
  • Disseminates information relevant to local populations
  • Delivers community-based information
  • Provides neighborhood focused and directed messages to both locals and visitors


Digital Signage Services

We help retailers increase their sales by improving their communication with customers. Daily sales and promotions are shown in our digital network of displays that are strategically placed around the stores. Digital Signage enhances a store environment by displaying complex graphics and videos. You will be able to promote products and services depending on customer demographics, time of day and/or day of the week. You can play different content on each screen depending on its location. That is, while the screens at the Men’s Department is promoting your Jeans for Men, the one at Cosmetics is displaying your special “Perfume of the Day” and the screen at the cashier is giving weather information while promoting your “Loyal Customer Shopping Card”.

You can have information about local community events, charity promotions and community services displayed in your network. You may easily allow each store to input their “own content” through interactive text screen for local messaging. Our system helps your store build strategic partnerships with vendors to increase target marketing and establish a new source of revenue through advertising while reducing collateral material.

  • Over 70% of the purchase decisions made in stores are made AFTER the shopper enters the store!
  • 60% of the items purchased were not planned prior to entering the store!
  • 59% of stores shoppers visit all or most of the aisles during their visit that on the average lasts 54 minutes.
  • 42% of brand purchases are made when there is at least one piece of P-O-P (Point of Purchase) present for that brand.
  • A whopping 99% of stores shoppers make at least one purchase off of P-O-P.
  • 67% of consumers who buy an item being promoted by P-O-P claim the display influenced their buying decision.
Health Institutions are using our services to improve their communication with their visitors, patients, and employees. By creating an effective network of digital displays and continuous content management, we help inform viewers about the hospital’s services, special procedures, personnel, benefits, sponsors, and news. Typically, screens are placed in strategic locations so people can watch them at any time during their visit. Our technology is an excellent tool to get patients and visitors to know the institution better. Also, it provides a way to entertain and provide with up-to-the-minute information, news and special events happening in the hospital, in the community or in the world. Our system is also easily integrated with the existing cable TV system in the building. So, for a very low cost, we can showcase all the information being displayed on the networked screens can also be shown on TV, creating a truly private TV channel which :

  • Informs patients and visitors about the institution.
  • Promotes services and benefits to the right people at the right time.
  • Reinforces hospital’s brand identity.
  • Increases loyalty and return trips to the hospital.
  • Builds partnerships & strategic alliances with vendors.
Many companies have difficulty keeping their staff trained on the latest products and technologies. Stop creating costly video tapes or DVDs that quickly go out of date, are often lost, and have no playback confirmation.

RMG DS Network will deliver new content daily in a venue that can be seen by everyone at once and in a format that is easy to understand. You can add touch screens to make it interactive and customize content relative to specific venues or employee positions, automatically keeping logs of what has been viewed. Distribute company communications with the power of television in your work areas, lobbies, and offices. Easily create and customize multimedia productions for in-house TV channels, presentations or training. Boost morale and maximize effectiveness by getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

You can utilize your digital network to achieve the following:

  • Improves Corporate Communications
  • Employee Training
  • Saves production time & money
Digital menu boards are a powerful marketing tool. A digital signage network helps solve problems such as day parting and price changes. It will also create new opportunities for customer contact and promotions.

It’s Attention Grabbing – Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of any sign. With digital signage customers will notice your sign and receive the message but also act on it. It’s Focused – Your message dynamically changes and delivers a focused message to your audience at the critical point of the purchase.

It’s Versatile – Digital signs can be interactive and dynamically changed to meet the demographics of your audience. Your message can be changed at any time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

It’s Cost Effective – Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes. This saves on printing and distribution fees.

It’s Dynamic – digital signage offers a versatile solution for you to communicate your message to your audience.

It’s Centralized – Hundreds or thousands of signs are controlled from one central location, ensuring quality and consistency while requiring minimal resources to operate your digital signage network.

By creating effective networks of digital displays, you can now communicate with hotel guests and visitors in a way never before possible. You can provide up-to-the-minute information, news, special events, promote your restaurants, spas, have music videos and live scores all while guests wait to check in, have a drink at the bar or ride in the elevator. You can also integrate the content developed for your Digital Signage Program into an additional channel in your current cable TV system; thus allowing guests to find out more about your facilities & services while at the comfort of their room. Promote Daily Activities & Services Reinforce your advertising in other mediums (TV, magazines, etc..)

  • Improve guest experience during their stay
  • Reinforce brand identity
  • Customer and employee training
  • Replace old, cluttered and ineffective signage Lower production costs
  • Build partnerships & strategic alliances with your vendors schedule content according to the environment of each hotel
  • Tailor content depending on demographics, time of day or day of the week

Profit Sharing

Want to become a part of the latest initiative in digital marketing? RMG Signage is offering your venue the chance to have a part in the latest technology in digital advertising on the market! Not only will you be given to opportunity to house a state of the art screen at your site, but we’ll include other valuable perks to keep our customers entertained and informed!

For a minimal fee RMG Signage provides venues with 46” Full HD (1920×1080) All-in-one Digital Signage Systems equipped with these features.

    No need to worry about messy cords, because our all-in-one systems are fully integrated! (LCD + PC built in)
    Our inbuilt diagnostic sensor detects any malfunctions in the system well in advance and automatically alerts our head office.
    We even take care of installation free of charge.

RMG Signage has dedicated one-third of the show reel entirely to the venue. This means our exceptional graphic design team will create advertisements for the venue, including its major sponsors, free of charge! By utilizing the aspects below, we are able to create a very effective advertisement for your business.

  • Capturing 2-D presentation
  • Latest motion graphics
  • Most up to date promotions & events
  • Customized fonts, colors, logos and images

As a partnership program, RMG Signage shall install up to three(3) 46” Digital Signage screens at the venue, and provide free advertising for the venue and its sponsors. We will also include a share of our yearly profits from the advertising sponsors!