Social Media Management

RMG will help your business with developing a catered-to-your-needs strategic marketing campaign that leverages social media solutions on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other social community sites to achieve your marketing goals. Our services include consulting, training, tech set-up and social profile management.


Custom Online Audit — $149

We’ll evaluate your current online and social media presence. In a follow-up phone conference, we’ll give you honest feedback and recommendations for how you can best leverage social media for your business. We’ll create an integrated social media plan and show you how to become more efficient online and help you maximize results!


Get-Started Package — $249  (Upgrade from the Audit is $100)

We will set up to three social media profiles of your choice, show you how they work and help you network each profile together with your existing blog or website. If you’ve done a custom audit with us, our team implements recommendations and feedback from the evaluation process. Client to supply all graphics, images, and video.

Profile choices:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Basic WordPress Set-up — $250

We will set up and customize your blog from scratch on WordPress. Client to supply all graphics, images, and video.

Facebook Premium Fan Page — $199

Our team designs a custom Facebook Fan Page for your business. Your new fan page will include:

  • Custom Welcome Tab with your Email Opt-in, Social icons etc.
  • Custom banner image (Fan Page Avatar)
  • Blog importing (or any RSS feed)
  • Email opt-in form* YouTube video tab
  • Twitter feed tab

Client to supply all graphics, images, and video.

**Graphic design is not included in tech set-up packages. If you need graphics, please contact us for a quote.**

Facebook Fan Page “done-for-you” — $499

Includes all the features in the Premium Fan Page as well as all the graphic design needed for your page.


We can help you manage your social profiles and online presence to ensure you effectively engage with your audience and get the maximum value from social media. Our monthly management packages entail a start-up fee of $299 that includes a custom online audit and social media plan.

Entry-level Package — $399/month

This entry-level monthly social media maintenance package includes:

  • Up to 2 auto status updates/day on 2 networks (client to provide content)
  • Get rid of unwanted SPAM on 2 networks
  • Accept “friend requests” and “follows” on 2 networks
  • Basic profile management on 2 networks

Mid-level Package — $799/month

This mid-level monthly social media management package includes the features of the Basic package on 3 networks plus strategic consulting. In a bi-weekly 30-minute conference call, we’ll advise you on engagement and viral strategies, ad hoc campaigns, contests and social apps.

  • Up to 4 status updates/day on 3 online networks (client to provide content guidance)
  • Basic monthly maintenance on 3 online networks
  • Audience building on 3 online networks
  • Reputation monitoring on 3 online networks and Google alerts
  • Strategic consulting
  • Bi-weekly 30-minute strategic consulting conference call

Deluxe Package — $1,500 and up/month

Your choice of four social media platforms + blog

This comprehensive, deluxe monthly social media management package is designed for corporations or for clients with an established, large social media presence. Our team works closely with your marketing department to manage your online social media world. Features include strategic consulting, campaign creation, audience engagement, audience building, reputation management, content creation and distribution, customer service, blog management and more.